FilSpec™ expertise for the medical sector

FilSpec™ expertise for the medical sector

FilSpec™ is proud of developing innovative textile yarns as well as intelligent solutions for a variety of sectors of activity whose needs are equally diverse.

For the medical sector especially, we offer technical fabrics that increase patient comfort, maintain a high level of hygiene, and protect medical staff.

  • Elastic threads

Elastic threads can be used to improve the comfort and fit of a variety of medical clothing and equipment, such as compression stockings, sometime used during or after surgery.

  • Antimicrobial and antifungal threads

Good hygiene is essential in preventing the proliferation of germs, bacteria, and fungi. In the medical field, where the risk of infection is increased ten-fold, a fabric that serves as an antibacterial/antifungal barrier reduces the proliferation of micro-organisms.

  • Humidity control

To promote or accelerate the healing of wounds and lesions, maintaining a balanced level of humidity is important. Indeed, for optimal healing, the wound must remain covered in a damp (not wet) environment. With fabrics that “breathe” and promote the evacuation of humidity, patients and medical personnel can rest easy between bandage changes.

  • Skin regeneration

FilSpec™ recently developed RecoveryFil™, a fabric that is extra soft, anti-odor and anti- germ with good humidity control and skin-regenerating effect. These properties are the result of the presence of zinc oxide in the polyester fibres (anti-odor, anti-germ, skin-regeneration) as well as Tencel/Lyocell viscose fibres for softness. The viscose and polyester also facilitate the evacuation of perspiration and humidity.

Fabrics made with RecoveryFil™ are ideal for bed-ridden patients or anyone with sensitive or irritated skin. The same can be said of medical staff uniforms that must be comfortable and easily evacuate humidity as they are worn daily and for extended periods of time (ex.: in surgery).

  • Abrasion resistance

Hospital bedclothing is often washed and disinfected. Fabrics made of more abrasion-resistant fibres can extend the usefulness and life of these products.

To learn more about our solutions for the medical sector, go to our section on the subject or contact us.

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