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At FilSpecTM, every employee is an owner of the company. Everyone therefore works with heart and passion to help make FilSpecTM and its clients a success.

Our hiring philosophy allows us to bring together experienced professionals who work in synergy owing to their complementary strengths and skills, with the goal of effectively and innovatively meeting the particular needs of each client. Thus, establishing solid and lasting partnerships, creating suitable solutions, quality, and satisfaction are central to their concerns.

Eric Perlinger

ÉRIc perlingerPresident

Eric Perlinger has been President of FilSpecTM since November 2015. With over 20 years of diverse experience in the manufacturing sector, he understands the business realities of different clients. Additionally, with a legal background, he does everything he can to establish a lasting relationship based on honesty and mutual success.

Mr. Perlinger is a visionary and entrepreneur with a good knowledge of what leads to growth and success. He is a great motivator, and his passion inspires his entire team. Recognized for his efficiency, listening skills, and desire to meet the most challenging requirements, Mr. Perlinger rallies his team to offer quality of service based on respect, transparency, and constant innovation. With a perpetual desire to offer excellent service and truly understand the reality of each of his clients, he speaks four languages (French, English, Spanish, and German), which allows him to interact and communicate easily with customers around the world!

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Ronald Audet

Ronald audetChairman of the Board of Directors

Ronald Audet has worked in the textile industry for more than 45 years. Having been President and Vice President of several textile companies, both in Canada and elsewhere, he is a critical resource for the FilSpecTM team and has both knowledge and unparalleled experience in the field of textiles.

Mr. Audet seeks to constantly grow the company by encouraging the contribution and collaboration of each team member in the face of the challenges encountered, developing useful solutions, innovation, and diversification. He is forward-looking and encourages FilSpecTM and its customers to always think bigger and further ahead.


Dominique Quintal

dominique quintalManaging Director for FilSpec Europe

Dominique Quintal is an electrical engineer by training. This allowed him to develop an analytical and creative mind focused on researching and developing the right solution for the right problem, one which has been properly defined and analyzed in advance through an established evaluation method. His lengthy experience as a director of engineering for various industries, particularly aeronautics and electronics, allow him to put his broad knowledge to work and take a different, innovative approach to the market.

Mr. Quintal is recognized for his leadership and creative vision based on an advisory approach rather than a product approach. This encourages the establishment of solid, lasting, and honest partnerships. Through this relationship, you'll get the support you need to develop more powerful products, with a real competitive advantage, thereby allowing you to meet the challenges you're facing.

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Louis ChartierVice President, Operations

Louis Chartier has over 25 years of experience in production management and manufacturing operations. With a degree in mechanical engineering, he also has extensive knowledge in product development and production, management and human resources.

Mr. Chartier ensures that FilSpecTM ‘s various innovations are put into production and provides concrete solutions to optimize plant operations and design products that stand out for their quality and functionality. His engineering expertise, diversified skills and long experience in manufacturing enable him to manage FilSpecTM production efficiently and intelligently.

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Sébastien Couture


Sébastien Couture is the innovation expert. He has been with the company since 1990 and has developed real cutting-edge expertise in specialized textile yarns, a deep knowledge of the performance of each fibre, and an accurate understanding of the needs of the textile industry. This means Sébastien can properly assess your requirements and will use the full creativity of his experienced team to offer you the best solution to meet them.

Innovation, product development, understanding needs, and custom advisory service are central to what he does. Give him your toughest challenges so that we can develop tomorrow's textile products together.

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Julie Duhamel
Director of Human Resources

With more than 20 years of experience in human resources management, Julie Duhamel has joined the organization as the new FilSpecTM Human Resources Director. Julie Duhamel is a business administration graduate with a human resources profile from the Université de Sherbrooke and an organizational development graduate from the Montreal HEC. She is known for her dynamic, proactive and creative approach. Her professional background has led her to acquire an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry on an international scale and develop major skills in talent management within an organization.

Being a great human capital enthusiast, Julie stands out for the way she helps and encourages people to develop their skills and achieve their personal and professional goals. Her vision of organizational development and her coaching approach allow her to be a committed and mobilized Director, ready to take on new challenges and support FilSpecTM in its growth by optimizing each team member's potential.

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Suzanne Germain
Chief Financial Officer

Suzanne Germain, graduated in Business Administration, has joined FilSpec as Chief Financial Officer in April 2019. With over 35 years of experience in various manufacturing and construction companies, she gained extensive experience in managing operational and financial growth and her international development expertise makes her an excellent resource to support FilSpec in its growth strategy.

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