RSY becomes 'FilSpec USA'

RSY becomes 'FilSpec USA'

We are proud to announce that Richmond Specialty Yarns, the company’s American branch and a FilSpecTM’s important family member since 2009, will be named FilSpecTM USA from now on. This formalizes and completes the integration of two entities that have been working for some years already. This change of company name will also allow us to standardize our customer service experience and to simplify the manner we communicate.

commited to the american market

We thus show our strong commitment to keep serving the American market by providing innovative solutions, reliable operations and a level of quality that constitute the foundation of FilSpecTM’s identity.

Right now FilSpecTM USA integrates perfectly into the company, confirming both our resolution to fully dedicate ourselves on this large territory and to consolidate our will to serve the American markets, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and CAFTA (Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement), including programs requiring Berry Amendment compliance. FilSpecTM will continue and support its investment plan to FilSpecTM USA and their professional team. All this within a perspective of growth in order to be able to meet the changing needs of our clientele at all times.

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